Wrestling Marks of Excellence
Glen Thomas and ----Nephew---- Corey discuss the results of the TLC PPV and the impact of the Smackdown Siege on Raw. Fox Sports 1340 AM hosts 'Wrestling Marks of Excellence Radio' listen to ----THA FIRM---- G-LO, Docta D, The Wizard Nephew Corey and ----Mr. Everything---- Champ Creed as they discuss Monday Night Raw , TNA and ROH You can call the show by dialing (347) 838-8776 with your questions and comments. no topic is off limits Join our Facebook page DOCTA D ---- THA FIRM. or Follow us on twitter at @Firmwrestling. Visit for the latest interviews and archeive shows. This is the podcast for the full time wrestling fan!
Wrestling Marks of Excellence
Smackdown Siege
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