Why Baltimore on WYPR
At Potential Me, we believe a community thrives best when all individuals contribute in ways that utilize their talent and skillset. We began as a non-profit four years ago to support women who are in college, trade school, military bound, or already in the work force, by supplying them with the proper tools needed to not only obtain employment opportunities, but to thrive within them.Our headquarters recently moved to Port Covington—a generous gift from Sagamore Development who wanted to team up with like-minded tenants working to support and train individuals in Baltimore’s workforce. There is so much ambition in this region and the jobs available are boundless. My goal is to empower women and help them create bridges to financially stable and independent futures. We are thrilled to be expanding our efforts to assist women in the workforce, and are grateful to do so with the support of Sagamore.
Why Baltimore on WYPR
Kim Klacik (Encore)
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