The Environment in Focus
One of the biggest obstacles to dealing with the problem of climate change is that it will not impact everyone equally.Even if temperatures soar, coastal cities are flooded, and drought makes water supplies dwindle, the rich will still be able to turn up their air conditioning, jet off to Aspen, and pay a few bucks more for bottled water.And it’s these millionaires and billionaires -- like the current occupants of the White House -- who control the levers of government in the United States and other countries. They decide whether or not we should change our fuel consumption or lifestyles.Meanwhile, the people who will suffer and die from global warming are the poor. They don’t have air conditioning when temperatures hit 104 degrees, often live in older urban like New Orleans or Baltimore beside the rising waters, and will be powerless if their food and water becomes too expensive.This is one of the insights of author Bryan Walsh’s new book, End Times: A Brief Guide to the End of the World.
The Environment in Focus
The Insulation Of Wealth As A Global Warming Pollutant
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