The Environment in Focus
With hydraulic facturing revolutionizing the oil and gas industry, and the Trump Administration pushing an “energy dominance” doctrine, pipeline construction is booming across the U.S., with nearly 15,000 miles laid last year. That was nearly double the amount the year before.But two major gas pipeline projects in the Mid-Atlantic region recently slammed into unexpected roadblocks.In December, a U.S. Court of Appeals in Richmond denied permits for the proposed Atlantic Coast natural pipeline that would run 600 miles from West Virginia to North Carolina. The $7 billion project would have ripped through the George Washington and Monongahela national forests in Virginia, and crossed the scenic Appalachian Trail.In a ruling that drew on language from Dr. Seuss’ classic book “The Lorax,” the three judge panel said that the Trump Administration’s U.S. Forest Service had betrayed its core mission of advocating for nature by rubber-stamping approvals for the pipeline.
The Environment in Focus
Pipeline Denials Protect Potomac River and “Speak for the Trees”
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