The Environment in Focus
Over the long history of the Chesapeake Bay, those captivated by its beauty have often suffered from landscape amnesia.We love and want to preserve what we see today: the shimmering waves. The sailboats, spinnakers full. The blue crabs scuttling in the shallows.We want to save all that. But we do not remember the bay our grandparents knew. The vast reefs of oysters, filtering and cleaning the water. The schools of American shad, swarming up rivers in the spring. The sturgeon, thick as living logjams. Because we never knew it, we do not miss it. And so, as a society, we are unwilling to invest the money and the political capital – and make the changes necessary -- to bring it back.
The Environment in Focus
New Book Explores Shifting Ecosystems in Chesapeake Bay History
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