The Environment in Focus
Kevin Omland, a biology professor at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, stands below a highway overpass towering above a wooded stream valley in the Patapsco Valley State Park, just southwest of Baltimore.He aims his binoculars up at a scraggly nest of sticks that ravens built in the steel beams beneath Interstate 195. “Give yourself a second and you can see three young,” Omland said. “They are hanging out there quite peacefully. Not flapping, maybe stretching a little bit.” “Wow!---- I replied. ----Three large, black, sinister looking dudes sitting up on their nest under the bridge -- kind of ominous.----“Tom, you’re squinting incorrectly. Those are beautiful creatures,” Omland said. “They are going to have marvelous iridescent plumage in just a few days.”
The Environment in Focus
Interbreeding of Ravens Echoes Human Genetic History
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