Roughly Speaking
Up first: Dr. John Cmar of Sinai Hospital, an infectious disease expert, talks about mosquitoes and the diseases they carry. Mosquitos are reported to have tripled in number with the wet spring and summer on the East Coast. In mid-July, Maryland health officials reported the first case of West Nile virus; it occurred in the Baltimore area. There is still a chance of more problems, with the mosquito numbers way up, and with Maryland’s mosquito season usually lasting until October. Dr. John Cmar is on the staff at Sinai Hospital in Baltimore, where he directs the Division of Infectious Diseases. This segment was recorded before the state reported the West Nile case.The approval of eight new medical marijuana dispensaries increased the size of Maryland’s retail market to 65 stores, with dozens more in the pipeline. Meanwhile, Ben Jealous, the Democratic candidate for governor, says it’s time to legalize pot completely, and he’s not alone. Some believe it’s just a matter of time before we see pot for sale for personal use. With that as a backdrop, how do parents start the conversation? Family psychologist Brad Sachs talks about talking to your kids about marijuana now that medical marijuana is here and full legalization might be on the way. Brad Sachs is a psychologist based in Columbia, Md. He specializes in clinical work with children, adolescents, couples and families. He is the founder and director of The Father Center, a program designed to meet the needs of new fathers. You can find Brad Sachs and a list of the books he’s written on his website.
Roughly Speaking
With more legalization looming, how to talk to your kids about marijuana (episode 415)
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