Roughly Speaking
A look at what's growing in Baltimore: A spring survey of the city's biodiversity leads to the discovery of a rare wild plant in the Jones Falls Valley while, elsewhere, workers tend to more than 1,000 fruit and nut trees in 100 orchards across the city. Who knew the city had orchards?Book recommendation: Our critic, Paula Gallagher, likes a new memoir, ----Beauty In The Broken Places,---- by Allison Pataki.Wolf Pecher, an associate professor at the University of Baltimore, leads Dan to the rare native plant, the purple-stemmed cliff brake, discovered growing in a railroad bridge abutment during a recent biodiversity survey in the Jones Falls Valley. Eric Sargent, planting coordinator for Civic Works' Baltimore Orchard Project, talks about the fruit and nuts trees planted in more than 100 locations across the city and describes BOP's latest undertaking, Moveable Orchards, during a visit to the pilot site at the Baltimore Food Hub in East Baltimore.Links:
Roughly Speaking
What's growing in Baltimore: purple cliff brakes and 100 orchards (episode 398)
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