Roughly Speaking
Will Schwarz, a Baltimore-based filmmaker and video producer, founded the Maryland Lynching Memorial Project to remember the 40 documented victims of lynchings in the state, the last being George Armwood, who was killed by a mob on the Eastern Shore 85 years ago this week. The Maryland project is part of a national movement, led by civil rights advocate Bryan Stevenson and his Equal Justice Initiative. On Saturday, at the Reginald F. Lewis Museum in Baltimore, the names of Maryland lynching victims were read aloud, and Schwarz screened his short documentary on the Armwood lynching. In this episode: Will Schwarz talks about his ongoing project to collect soil from the grounds where Maryland lynchings took place and to get Maryland counties to memorialize the atrocities and the victims. We hear comments from Stevenson and excerpts from Schwarz's film.For more information: See the Sun's multimedia presentation on Maryland's grim legacy of lynching and hear previous episodes of Roughly Speaking on a student project to account for the lynchings and an oral history of the aftermath of Armwood's death by the late Clarence Mitchell Jr.
Roughly Speaking
The Maryland Lynching Memorial Project seeks remembrance and reconciliation (episode 430)
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