Roughly Speaking
This week, you’re the producer, as breaking news and transportation reporter Colin Campbell shares four You Ask, We Answer stories inspired by Sun readers’ curiosity. Come underground, underwater, to the back of the restaurant, and back in time as we reveal lesser-known facts about Federal Hill Park, the Inner Harbor, carryout staple Lake Trout and two Baltimore neighborhoods.Related links:What do you wonder about the Baltimore area that you'd like us to investigate?'Secret' tunnels are hidden under Baltimore's Federal Hill. Where did they come from and what lies inside? asked: What's really in Baltimore's Inner Harbor? Here's what we found. asked: What is lake trout? The story behind the Baltimore delicacy with a misleading name. asked: How do Baltimore neighborhoods get their names? The origin behind Pigtown, Sandtown and more.
Roughly Speaking
Since you asked: Four Baltimore stories inspired by your curiosity
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