Roughly Speaking
Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh has fired the police commissioner, Kevin Davis, citing a lack of progress in the department's fight against violent crime. But police are just one part of the city's criminal justice system. With homicides climbing above 300 for each of the last three years — and 11 killings in the first 19 days of 2018 — will Baltimore voters keep Marilyn Mosby as the city's chief prosecutor? Ivan Bates, a 49-year-old defense attorney and former prosecutor, is among those challenging Mosby as a candidate for Baltimore State's Attorney in the June Democratic primary. He blames Mosby for losing dozens of veteran prosecutors and dozens of felony cases, making defendants more brazen and less concerned about facing harsh punishment for their crimes. Bates also says Mosby's office should have known about the corruption of the disbanded Gun Trace Task Force; dozens of criminal cases have been thrown out because of the unit's unlawful practices.
Roughly Speaking
Pugh replaces Davis. Will voters replace Mosby? (episode 346)
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