Roughly Speaking
Despite increased awareness of the opioid epidemic, the public health crisis continues to ravage communities across the nation each year. This holds true especially in states such as Maryland, where the number of opioid overdose deaths per year has escalated into the thousands. Gov. Larry Hogan even declared a state of emergency in March 2017, becoming the first governor in the nation to take such a step.A new book published by two Baltimore-based experts in addiction medicine and public health suggests that a connection may exist between opioids’ continued havoc and a general misunderstanding of the pandemic — from the language utilized to describe those afflicted with substance-use disorders to the distribution of funds meant to decrease the death toll.Together, married couple Yngvild Olson and Joshua Sharfstein wrote “The Opioid Epidemic: What Everyone Needs to Know,” to discuss the misconceptions about the opioid crisis and what lawmakers, physicians and citizens can do to address it. They sit down with Baltimore Sun investigative reporter Doug Donovan to review key takeaways from the book.Call the Behavioral Health System Baltimore at 410-433-5175 if you are in crisis.
Roughly Speaking
Myths, misconceptions and misnomers: Demystifying the opioid crisis
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