Roughly Speaking
5:36: NPR's Cokie Roberts: The longtime political analyst and author has a new book, this one about women of Washington before, during and after the Civil War. Roberts shares a few tales from "Capital Dames," with some fascinating connections to Baltimore and Maryland, including the woman at the center of a deadly scandal involving the son of Francis Scott Key.1:57, 29:30: Two books reviews from Paula Gallagher: A memoir by David Kushner, a Rolling Stone contributor, about his brother, Jon, who was kidnapped and murdered in Florida in 1973; and a collection of essays called, "The Books That Changed My Life."32:59: The Reginald F. Lewis Museum on the anniversary of the Baltimore uprising: Charles Bethea, its new chief curator, talks about the Lewis Museum of African American History and Culture's look into issues about the American black male raised by the death of Freddie Gray.
Roughly Speaking
Lewis Museum takes on unrest anniversary; Cokie Roberts' 'Capital Dames' (episode 89)
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