Roughly Speaking
How a huge media merger, primed for approval by the Federal Communications Commission and its Republican chairman, went wrong. Just a few months ago, Sinclair Broadcast Group, based in Hunt Valley, appeared ready to close a $3.9 billion deal for Tribune Media that would make Sinclair the most powerful broadcast group in the nation with more than 200 stations, a presence in New York and Los Angeles and a challenge to FOX News in the conservative media arena. But first the Sinclair-Tribune deal hit snags, then collapsed — even though the Trump administration supported the merger and the FCC chairman favored consolidation. In August, Tribune ended up suing Sinclair for $1 billion for breach of contract.On the show: Sun media critic David Zurawik elaborates on his review of Sinclair's year on the Z on TV blog, and in print this weekend.
Roughly Speaking
How Sinclair's plans to challenge FOX News went bust (episode 448)
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