Roughly Speaking
2:43: Our film critics, Linda DeLibero and Christopher Llewellyn Reed, talk about Hollywood and sexual abuse in the entertainment industry; plus, the announced resignation of former comedian (and former U.S. senator) Al Franken.13:42: Paula Gallagher, Baltimore County librarian and Roughly Speaking critic, lists books that will make good holidays gifts for the Instant Pot fanatic, the reluctant history buff, and the ----Stranger Things---- follower in your life.30:16: DeLibero and Reed recommend released (----Ladybird---- and ----The Disaster Artist----) and upcoming films to see during the holiday season, and we celebrate the late great character actor, Claude Rains, famous for his roles in ----Casablanca---- and ----Mr. Smith Goes To Washington.----Links:
Roughly Speaking
Film critics react to Hollywood allegations; books and movies for the holidays (episode 332)
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