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When the whole Eat Local movement got started in the Bay Area of San Francisco, foraging in the wild for healthy edible food became a signature activity. Alice Waters of Chez Panisse in Berkeley would dispatch dozens of volunteers to head out into the wilds and bring back baskets of amazing ingredients. And as Chef Jerry Pellegrino points out, those of us living in ----the other Bay Area---- can do the same. In fact, Chef Chris Amendola has opened Foraged, described as a ----hyper-seasonal eatery---- in Hampden. He prowls through to fields and forests of Maryland and southern Pennsylvania, casting a knowledgeable eye over the terrain. The resulting dishes are often small plates, which encourages more browsing, more taste sensations. Early spring is a good time to find ramps in the woods. These savory members of the onion family have become very chic in recent years. Here's a recipe.
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Foraging in the Spring
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