On The Record
With rain and sunshine galore, it’s time to get your garden ready! Alexa Smarr, a horticulture educator and the master gardener coordinator for the University of Maryland-Extension - Baltimore County joins us to talk all things green. We hear why soil-testing is a must, what you can do to thwart common pests, and why Maryland’s birds and bugs rely on native plants.Questions about gardening, weeds, or pests? Want to become a master gardener? Find resources at the Home and Garden Information Center.Plus, the invasion of the spotted lanternfly. What threat does this voracious planthopper pose, and how are experts tracking its advance? You can report a sighting here.You can find information about your local extension by going to the University of Maryland Extension. Events across the state are listed here.
On The Record
Gear Up for Gardening
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