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With many bus and train riders staying home during the pandemic, transit agencies across the country are being hit with huge losses in revenue and facing tough decisions. Councilman Ryan Dorsey, chair of the city council’s transportation committee, joins us to discuss the effects of the cuts in service put forth by the Maryland Transit Administration. Brian O’Malley, head of the Central Maryland Transportation Alliance, argues for alternative ways the state transportation department could shore up its losses. And Dr. Celeste Chavis, who teaches at the Urban Mobility and Equity Center at Morgan State University share her concerns about the long term. To read more about MTA proposed cuts, visit this link. For Dr. Celeste Chavis's op ed, visit this link. For information about MTA public comment meetings visit this link and scroll to the bottom. You may also send comments to: [email protected]
On The Record
Baltimore's Transit Could See More Cuts
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