[It’s Primary Day in MD. We’ll have complete coverage of the results of today’s election tonight at 9:00, with the WYPR News Team deployed throughout the region at various campaign headquarters, and analysis with Jean Marbella of the Baltimore Sun, John Willis of the University of Baltimore, and political strategist Catalina Byrd. Tomorrow, we’ll break-down the results with Jayne Miller of WBAL Television and Andy Green of the Baltimore Sun. But today on Midday, a little break from politics. Coming up in just a minute, it’s another installment of Tube Talk. But before we begin talking some tube, let’s check in with Dominique Maria Bonessi of the WYPR News Team. She’s at a polling place in Baltimore on this primary day…]And now, as promised, another installment of Tube Talk. Our tube talkers are Bridget Armstrong, producer of several Vox Media podcasts including’s pop culture podcast I Think You’re Interesting, and Jamyla Krempel, WYPR's digital producer. They stay in the know about what’s hot and what’s not on TV. By day they are mild mannered producers. By night they are protectors of the pop culture landscape. For hours, they toil, shrouded under duvets, their faces bathed in the magical glow of Light Emitting Screen Diodes. With remotes at the ready, a cup of tea in hand and significant others ignored, forgotten, and shunned, our tenacious tube talkers ingest hours of Television, as a public service, to bring us news and reviews of the good, the bad and the utterly unpalatable.
Tube Talk: What's Hot and What's Not on TV This Season
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