Today, another installment of Tube Talk, our ultra-occasional discussion of what’s hot and what’s not on TV. We had some product placement on Game of Thrones that a few folks happened to notice. We had the displacement of a local TV anchor that has engendered all sorts of reaction about gender, and race. And a few fan-favorite shows are on extended hiatus, driving more than a few fans nuts. Tom is joined by three of those fans, who collectively watch an extraordinary amount of television and who should probably get out more often. But we are in debt to our Tube Talkers for making that commitment, and giving the rest of us a better sense of what to watch and what to avoid across the vast TV landscape.Joining us from Vox Media studios in Washington, DC. is Bridget Armstrong. She is a podcast producer. Her latest offering is the new TV podcast Primetime from…And here in Studio A, Tom's guests areWYPR’s Digital Producer, Jamyla Krempel and Midday producer Cianna Greaves, who also produces the podcast, Truth and Reconciliation, which was named last month as Best Podcast by the Baltimore Sun…Plus, our Tube Talkers respond to your calls, emails and social media comments...
Tube Talk: From ----GoT---- to ----Blackish,---- Our Takes on the Season's Shows
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