We turn now to a play that's based on a book by a former journalist whom many Baltimoreans of a certain age will recognize. After Richard Hollander’s parents were killed in a car accident in the mid-1980s, he discovered a suitcase full of correspondence that gave him great insight to the fate of his Jewish relatives in German-occupied Poland during the Holocaust. That discovery led him to write a book, with co-authors Christopher R. Browning and Nechama Tec, which he published in 2007, called “Every Day Lasts a Year: A Jewish Family’s Correspondence from Poland.” That book, in turn, inspired a play that is currently on stage at the Everyman Theater. It’s called The Book of Joseph. It was adapted by Seattle-based playwright Karen Hartman, whose other recent works include Roz and Ray and Project Dawn. She joins us on the phone from Seattle.Author Rich Hollander was a reporter for the long-defunct Baltimore News American newspaper and later for WBAL Television. He now runs Millbrook Communications, a sports marketing firm in Baltimore. He joins Tom in Studio A.
The Story Behind Everyman's ----The Book of Joseph----
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