Today's Midday on the Arts program continues with a conversation about a great festival in Baltimore that literally takes art to the streets. The 5th Annual Little Italy Baltimore Madonnari Arts Festival is underway as we speak. Artists from across the world are hard at work creating elaborate and amazing chalk art right on the streets of one of Baltimore’s most historic and vibrant neighborhoods. They’ll be at it until Sunday, and in addition to all the street art, there will be performances, and of course, because it’s Little Italy, lots of great food. Cyd Wolf is the Executive Producer of the festival, as well as the executive producer of the Cabaret at Germano's Piattini. Carlos Alberto GH is an acclaimed street artist from Guadalajara, Mexico. They join Tom in the studio to offer a glimpse of the entertainments in store at the Festival, which runs from Sept 6-8.This program was livestreamed on WYPR's Facebook page and you can watch the video here. This segment runs from 21:30 to 34:16 on the stream.
The 5th Annual Madonnari Arts Festival: A Weekend Preview
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