Today on Midday, another in our series of Conversations with the Candidates, ahead of the June 26th primary elections. Tom's guest today is State Senator Jim Brochin, who is one of three Democratic candidates in the primary race for Baltimore County Executive. The current County Executive, Kevin Kamenetz, has served the maximum two terms. He is now running for Governor. Senator Brochin has represented the 42nd District in central and northern Baltimore County for four terms. He was first elected to the Senate in 2003. He heads the Baltimore County Delegation, and serves on the Judicial Proceedings Committee, the Special Committee on Substance Abuse, and the Executive Nominations Committee. He’s an insurance broker. He is 54 years old, a single father with a daughter named Catherine who is attending the University of Colorado. Senator Brochin lives in Cockeysville.We are streaming all of our Conversations with the Candidates on the WYPR Facebook page. We take your calls and comments in the second part of today’s show.
State Sen. Jim Brochin, Democrat for Baltimore County Executive
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