Midday on the Arts continues with a conversation about the future of the Single Carrot Theater. Last January, the 12 year-old Baltimore company announced that next month, it will leave the theater it’s called home since 2014. The final performances in their Remington space takes place this weekend. That show is called Pink Milk, by the trans woman playwright Ariel Zetina. It’s based on the life of the mathematician Alan Turing. (Midday’s theater critic J. Wynn Rousuck reviewed the play on our show last week.)Pink Milk is pretty typical of the kind of offering we’ve come to expect from Single Carrot, in that it is a regional premiere of an experimental play that one would be unlikely to encounter anywhere else. It is also the only play the company, now in its 12th season, has produced this year. Joining Tom to discuss the big changes ahead for the company are Genevieve De Mahy, the founding Artistic Director of Single Carrot, and Alix Fenhagen, who is serving as the company’s Interim Managing Director.
Single Carrot Theatre: Bold New Directions
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