The Senate Impeachment Trial of President Trump continues today, beginning at 1:00pm EST. WYPR will be carrying NPR's live coverage of the trial. The President’s defense team wrapped up its arguments on Tuesday. The members of the White House team chose to use about 11 hours of their 24 allotted hours. When they concluded their presentation early, it took at least a few Senators by surprise. Today, the trial moved into the question phase. Senators are submitting written questions to Chief Justice John Roberts, who reads them aloud, at which point House Managers and White House lawyers respond. Sure to be among the topics is the possibility of calling witnesses like former National Security Advisor John Bolton. On Sunday night, when the New York Times published a story about a book Mr. Bolton has written describing Bolton’s interactions with the President on the subject of withholding aid to Ukraine, the dynamic of the trial changed dramatically. For a unique perspective on these historic proceedings, we begin today with Senator Chris Van Hollen. The junior senator from Maryland spoke with Tom from his office on Capitol Hill about 90 minutes before our live show.
Sen. Chris Van Hollen: Views On The Impeachment Trial
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