Yesterday, when both Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell expressed optimism about a stimulus deal in the Senate, the stock market responded enthusiastically. The Dow jumped 2,100 points by the close of trading. It opened up again this morning. House and Senate lawmakers wrangled for nearly a week over the third tranche of the most expensive economic stimulus package in American history, and just before one a-m today, Democratic and Republican leaders, along with administration officials, announced a $2 trillion dollar deal had been reached. It’s expected to be passed and signed into law within days. Tom's first guest today is Senator Ben Cardin, the Democratic senior senator from Maryland. Sen. Cardin is a Member of the Foreign Relations Committee, and Ranking Member of the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee. He joins us from his office on Capitol Hill.
Sen. Ben Cardin On The Stimulus Bill, COVID-19, Voting By Mail
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