This, week Midday's esteemed theatre critic, J. Wynn Rousuck, joins us for a review of Dancing at Lughnasa. Director Amber Paige McGinnis brings playwright Brian Friel's 1990 Tony Award winning fable of family, harvest and hearth to Baltimore's Everyman Theatre. The play is set in 1930's Donegal, Ireland and tells the tale of the five Mundy sisters, who were fashioned after Friel's own mother and aunts. Friel, who is oft referred to as the ----universally accented voice of Ireland---- uses carefully crafted prose and empathetic protagonists,to transport the audience to an Ireland that remains hopeful, even whilst in the shadow of economic depression and political turmoil. Dancing at Lughnasa is now playing at the Everyman Theatre through October 7.
Rousuck's Review: ----Dancing at Lughnasa---- at Everyman Theatre
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