It's Thursday, and time again for our weekly visit with theater critic J. Wynn Rousuck. Today, she joins guest host Rob Sivak with a review of Consent, a new play about medical ethics from playwright Glennyce Lynn. It's being produced by the Spotlighters Theatre in collaboration with the Baltimore Playwrights Festival.Directed by Andre Tittle, the play is set in an unfamiliar near-future, where civilians volunteer to undergo traumatic medical testing, consenting to torturous procedures in exchange for “favors” from the government. In an unexpected turn of events, two doctors find themselves suddenlty in lockdown with their belligerent patient, and they are forced to confront the questionable ethics of their work.Consent continues at the Spotlighters Theatre through Sunday, August 26th.
Rousuck's Review: ----Consent---- from Baltimore Playwrights Festival, at Spotlighters
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