Theater critic J. Wynn Rousuck joins Tom for anlother of her weekly reviews of theatrical productions in the region. Today she spotlights A Wonder in My Soul, a tale of friendship and family set in the heart of Baltimore which runs at Baltimore Center Stage through next weekend.Written by acclaimed playwright Marcus Gardley and directed by Daniel Bryant, A Wonder in My Soul is the story of Swann (Harriett D. Foy) and Gwynn (Wandachristine), two best friends pressured to relocate their Baltimore beauty shop as the forces of gentrification begin to impact their neighborhood. The show originally opened in Chicago, but Gardley rewrote the script with a Charm City setting for its Baltimore debut.A Wonder in My Soul continues at Baltimore Center Stage through next Sunday, December 23. Get more information about ticketing here.
Rousuck's Review: ----A Wonder in My Soul---- at Baltimore Center Stage
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