We begin our show today with a focus on foreign policy, and America’s role in the world. Tom's first guest is Dr. Richard Haass, a veteran diplomat and policymaker who entered US government service in the 1970s. He served as senior Middle East adviser to President George H. W. Bush and as director of the Policy Planning Staff under Secretary of State Colin Powell. He is a recipient of the Presidential Citizens Medal, the State Department's Distinguished Honor Award, and the Tipperary International Peace Award. Dr. Haass has been the president of the Council on Foreign Relations since 2003. He is the author or editor of more than a dozen books, the latest of which serves as a compact and compelling primer on foreign policy, a handbook for global literacy, and a clarion call for engagement with the global community to help maintain a fragile and fraying liberal world order. The new book is called The World: A Brief Introduction. Richard Haass joins us on the line from his home in upstate New York.
Richard Haass On "The World: A Brief Introduction"
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