Today on our program: The role of non-profits and philanthropy in the COVID-19 pandemic, through the lens of two local leaders. With the profound social and economic disruptions caused by the coronovirus, the need for food, child care, and medical services has never been greater. How are charities and grant makers responding? And how are non-profits themselves staying afloat to continue their important work in their communities, at a time when the challenges of providing assistance to those in need are stretching resources thin? In the first half of the program, Tom talks with John Hoey, the President and CEO of The Y In Central Maryland. Among its expanded array of community-support activities during the pandemic, the Y is now providing day care at more than a dozen emergency child care sites. In the second half of the show, Tom is joined by Shanaysha Sauls. She is the President and CEO of the Baltimore Community Foundation, a 45 year-old coalition of more than 800 charitable organizations that collectively support food assistance and other services for residents in all corners of Baltimore City. In mid-March, the foundation made emergency grants to nearly 20 front-line non-profits that were distributing essential supplies like diapers, formula, food and hygiene products to area residents. The COVID-19 Response Funding collaborative has brought together several area foundations to assess needs and make grants. For more information on what these groups are doing, and how you can help, click on their links above. And remember: tomorrow is Giving Tuesday! See what you can do to help the people and organizations in your local community.
Non-Profits, Philanthropies Helping Communities Cope With COVID-19
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