Tom's NewsMaker guest today is the State’s Attorney for the City of Baltimore, Marilyn Mosby. In the 2014 primary, she defeated her former boss, Greg Bernstein, by ten points, a decisive victory, before running unopposed in the general election. She was swept into office by tapping into widespread dissatisfaction with increasing crime. Mosby promised to reduce it. Two years into her term, her Office has a conviction rate of 79% in homicide cases. The clearance rate of cases for the Baltimore Police department has also improved. But Baltimore struggles with an epidemic of violent crime that has reached record levels, and the police department has been rocked by internal corruption. How do we fix this? State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby joins Tom, and takes your questions, for the hour.To watch the conversation on Facebook Live, click here.
NewsMaker - Marilyn Mosby, States Attorney for Baltimore City
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