The manhunt is still underway for an unidentified suspect who fatally shot Baltimore City Detective Sean Suiter last week. Police and state officials are now offering a $215,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the assailant....Judge Catherine Blake issued a decision in the decade long lawsuit between Maryland’s Historically Black Colleges and the state. The lawsuit concerns diversity and Judge Blake ruled that neither party’s solutions were adequate to boost diversity within the HBCUs. Without a clear victor, many are wondering if it’s back to the drawing board for the case.Kamau High is the Managing Editor of the Afro American Newspapers. He joins Tom every couple of weeks to talk about some of the big local and national stories that the Afro is covering. Here's the official GoFundMe page for Detective Sean Suiter's family.
Midday with The Afro: 11.20.17
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