On this edition of the Midday News Wrap: pressure continues to mount on the White House this week with a conviction and a guilty plea in the cases of two of President Trump's associates, and an increasingly contentious relationship between Trump and his Attorney General, Jeff Sessions. Guest Host Nathan Sterner speaks with David Smith, the Washington Bureau Chief of The Guardian about the tumult swirling around the Trump White House and the potential negative impact these latest events may have on GOP candidates as midterm elections loom ever closer. Here in Baltimore, there are new developments in the case against Keith Davis Jr. as a prosecutor who worked on the case for the States Attorney's office is fired after details of a DWI conviction are brought to light, and Maryland's Catholic Community reflects on child sex abuse in the church following the release of a Pennsylvania grand jury report detailing acts of sexual violence perpetrated by 301 predator priests on over 1,000 children. Many are calling for Attorney General Frosh to initiate similar investigations here in Maryland. Baltimore Sun investigative reporter Jean Marbella and Real New Network Reporter, and contributor to the Baltimore AFRO, Stephen Janis join us for a look at these stories and more.
Midday News Wrap 8.24.18
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