On today’s, edition of Midday Culture Connections with Dr. Sheri Parks, we examine some of the stories making headlines across the country.We begin to with a look at the cognitive effects of violent video games and the Military’s stake in the multi-billion dollar industry of gaming. Following the deadly May 18th shooting at Santa Fe High School, Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick cited violent video games as a contributing factor to the national epidemic of deadly violence and apathy in our culture, reigniting the debate on the psychological effects of violent video games on our children, specifically young boys. Serena Williams returned to the French Open last week after 14 months of maternity leave. In keeping with WTA policy, the former world number one entered into the grand slam tournament unseeded. Serena’s experience has many questioning not only the WTA’s policies towards new mothers; but also, the broader politics of women and pregnancy in the workplace.Finally, the Trumpian era has been marked by political tension, social tumult and temerarious tweets. It is an era of fraught with class and racial division, violent identity politics and targeted attacks on the media. These deep societal fissures came to a head this week, as comediennes Samantha Bee and Roseanne Barr became the mascots for America’s new ‘culture wars’ . Dr. Sheri Parks is the Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at the Maryland Institute College of Art, and a regular contributor to our show on Midday Culture Connections. She’s the author of Fierce Angels: Living with a Legacy from the Sacred Dark Feminine to the Strong Black Woman.
Midday Culture Connections: Catsuits, Cognitive Conditioning & Culture Wars
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