On today's Midday Culture Connections, a conversation about the links between racism and anti-Semitism. Tom is joined by Dr. Sheri Parks, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at MICA, and Dr. Beverly Mitchell, a professor of Historical Theology at the Wesley Theological Seminary. They discuss the connections between slavery and the Holocaust, and how interfaith engagements can help to counter movements that promote white supremacy, nationalism and xenophobia.Dr. Beverly E. Mitchell will be speaking as part of the Manekin-Clark Lecture Series of the Institute of Islamic Christian and Jewish Studies next Wednesday. Later in the hour, Tom and Dr. Parks discuss the state of arts criticism here in Baltimore, following the departure of two of the Baltimore Sun’s cultural critics, Tim Smith and Wesley Case, who left the paper before Thanksgiving. We live streamed this conversation, and you can watch the video on WYPR's Facebook page.
Midday Culture Connections: Racism, Antisemitism and Religion
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