It’s another edition of Midday at the Movies, our monthly look at what's new in films, and filmmaking. Ann Hornaday, film critic for the Washington Post, joins us on the line from the Toronto International Film Festival as the industry's race to the Oscars and other awards begins its post-summer surge. Toronto is one of the biggest festivals in the world, and its audiences have an uncanny ability to pick award winners. One film getting a lot of buzz at #TIFF19 is the Festival's official selection, a revisionist history and ----anti-hate satire---- called Jojo Rabbit, directed by New Zealand filmmaker Taika Waititi.Jed Dietz, the founder of the Maryland Film Festival, joins us as well, with tips on what to see this weekend in local theaters.Among the films we discuss today are After the Wedding and Luce (at The Charles Theatre); The Nightingale and Honeyland (at the Parkway Theatre); and Blinded by the Light and Where'd You Go, Bernadette (at The Senator Theatre).(Because of Ann Hornaday's Toronto screening schedule, this conversation was pre-recorded.)
Midday at the Movies: A Toronto Film Festival Preview
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