Tom's guest for today's Newsmaker interview is Baltimore City Police Commissioner Michael Harrison. A recent Baltimore Police Department report describes the status of the department’s five year plan to reduce violence and implement a court-ordered Consent Decree. Crimes other than homicide are down, and the department claims improvements in managing resources, data, and technology. But as is the case in many cities across the country, in many of the same Baltimore neighborhoods that have been afflicted by violence for generations, homicides are still part of daily life. Amid months of protests calling for defunding the police, the Baltimore City Council has cut $22 million from the department’s budget and suggested it’s time to "re-imagine" public safety. Police Commissioner Michael Harrison joins Tom for the hour to share his perspectives on the challenges of policing in the city of Baltimore. We welcome your comments and questions for the Commissioner: Call 410.662.8780. email: [email protected] Twitter: @MiddayWYPR.
Midday Newsmaker: BPD Commissioner Michael Harrison
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