As the country falls deeper into a morass of a surging pandemic, the President has ignored the coronavirus and most of his other presidential duties, and instead -- through hundreds of Tweets -- has attempted to rile up his supporters around unfounded allegations of massive, Democrat-directed election fraud. He fired Christopher Krebs, a respected Department of Homeland Security professional who was in charge of cyber security in the election, in apparent retribution for telling the truth about the integrity of the election. And in a press conference yesterday, Rudy Guiliani and other members of the President’s legal team carried on for more than an hour and a half with claims that aren’t even close to true. Even some of the personalities on Fox News attempted to distance themselves from the claims. We begin today with the Friday Newswrap, and we'll discuss President Trump's increasingly desperate - and dangerous - election challenges with Elie Mystal, a legal scholar and justice correspondent for The Nation magazine. He joins us on Zoom from New York City.
Midday News Wrap 11.20.20: Trump's Dangerous Election Challenges
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