The Maryland State Board of Elections is in Day Two of its efforts to determine winners in the primaries for city-wide and city council offices in Baltimore City. Given the reports of problems with both in-person and mail-in voting, the Governor made it clear in his remarks yesterday that he would like to see State Elections Administrator Linda Lamone removed from her job. Other senior officials have made even more direct calls for her resignation. As for potential winners, Former Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon maintains a lead in the race for Mayor, although she has not declared herself the victor in her race for her old job. Marvin James, the campaign manager for City Council President Brandon Scott, who is in second place at this juncture, issued a statement yesterday afternoon that said “We believe Brandon Scott will be the winner after all of the missing votes have been accurately accounted for and counted.” Joining Tom on the line to discuss these and other election developments is WYPR’s City Hall reporter Emily Sullivan.
MD's Primary Election: An Update On Partial Returns
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