It's another edition of our series of Conversations with the Candidates, and Tom's guest today is the Mayor of Baltimore, Bernard C. "Jack" Young, a veteran city lawmaker and former City Council President who stepped into the mayor’s job about a year ago when Catherine Pugh resigned. Mayor Young has spent years in City Government, and the year he has spent as the Mayor has been eventful, to say the least. It began with a crippling ransomware attack on the city’s computer system and now, of course, the city is dealing with an unprecedented global pandemic. More than 2,800 city residents have been infected with the Coronavirus. Nearly 150 Baltimoreans have died from COVID 19. And, the longstanding problem of violence on city streets remains. More than 92 people have been victims of homicide so far this year. Now, even as he leads the City's battle against the COVID-19 pandemic, Mayor Young is campaigning to keep his job, as one of nearly two dozen mayoral candidates competing in the upcoming Democratic primary election. The primary will be held mostly by mail. Only four in-person voting centers will be open on June 2nd, for people who are not able to vote by mail. June 2nd is also your deadline to mail in your ballot. For more information on voting, click here. Mayor Young joins us from his campaign office in Station North.
Mayor 'Jack' Young On Fighting COVID-19 And Campaigning To Keep His Job
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