Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic two months ago, more than 43,500 Marylanders have been sickened by the coronovirus. It has killed more than 2000 Marylanders, 270 of them residents of Baltimore County. And while the rate of hospitalizations in the state has finally begun to decline, as of today there are still 1,375 people receiving intensive care for COVID-19, many of them at medical facilities here in Baltimore. Now, a story from the front lines of the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic, from Marian Grant. She is a palliative care nurse practitioner at the University of Maryland Medical Center, and a policy consultant on health care issues with a PhD in nursing. And for the last several weeks, she has been working with COVID 19 patients, and their families, in the UMMC's Intensive Care Unit. She joins Tom via Skype phone from her home in Reistertown. Read Marian Grant's opinion piece in today's Baltimore Sun Op Ed section, here.
Marian Grant, Nurse Practitioner, On Baltimore's COVID-19 Front Line
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