With so much of Baltimore's suffering in the news over the past week, we turn to community leaders to discuss a future beyond violence. City Councilmembers Kristerfer Burnett and Zeke Cohen join Tom to discuss the Baltimore City Trauma-Responsive Care Act.The bill, which was introduced in late July, would create a task force to harness all relevant city programs to benefit youth traumatized by violence and dysfunction. The measure would also establish systems for measuring which programs and practices are best at mitigating and preventing trauma to children and families.Also joining us in studio are Frederick Douglass High School senior Bryonna Harris, who helped the council members draft the legislation and gave testimony at City Hall about the trauma she and her classmates face in Baltimore City. And Letrice Gant, co-founder of Baltimore Ceasefire 365, discusses the outcome of this past Ceasefire Weekend events, and the impact the Cease Fire movement is having on the culture of the city.
Making Baltimore a Trauma-Responsive City
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