This week, two important gatherings are taking place in Baltimore that will explore ways to increase investment in small businesses and other ventures that will help the city grow its economy. Today, tomorrow and Wednesday, the Johns Hopkins 21st Century Cities Initiative, in conjunction with the Federal Reserve of Philadelphia, will host a conference called Investing in Opportunity. And later this week, the first Baltimore Homecoming will launch. It’s an effort to identify prominent people with Baltimore roots, bring them back home for a few days, and acquaint them with companies and causes they may find appealing.On today’s show, Tom speaks with Mary Miller. She was for many years a senior executive with T Rowe Price, before a five year stint at the US Treasury during the Obama Administration, where she served as the Acting Deputy Treasury Secretary and the Under Secretary for Domestic Finance. She’s now a Senior Fellow at Johns Hopkins University in the 21st Century Cities Initiative, and she serves on the Host Committee of Baltimore Homecoming. Later in the program, Tom is joined by the architects behind Baltimore Homecoming, Co-Founders, Nate Loewentheil, who is also serves as President of the non-profit organization, and Treasurer, J.M. Schapiro.
Local Groups Looking to Steer Investment to Baltimore's Growing Economy
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