Baltimore-based pianist and jazz innovator Lafayette Gilchrist joins Tom in the Midday studio to muse on the makings of his second solo CD, Dark Matter, out today (July 19) on the Lafayette Gilchrist Music label. The eleven tracks on the new disc were all recorded live in front of an ----intimate---- crowd at the University of Baltimore's Wright Theater in 2016 by acclaimed hip-hop producer Wendel Patrick (the composer and co-producer with Aaron Henken of WYPR's award-winning ----Out of the Blocks---- podcast series, and a man also known in music circles as classical and jazz pianist Kevin Gift). Over the course of the session, Lafayette Gilchrist's compositions range from deeply personal meditations to socially conscious declarations.We open the segment with the title track, Dark Matter, listen to a bit of Blues for Our Marches to End, and close the show with Black Flight, Gilchrist's ode to the famed African American WWII fighter pilots known as the Tuskeegee Airmen.
Lafayette Gilchrist: Musing on ----Dark Matter,---- His New Solo CD
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