In June, 1921, White mobs destroyed Tulsa Oklahoma’s Greenwood neighborhood, a thriving African American community known as Black Wall Street. An estimated 200 - 300 African Americans were killed during the attack. Perhaps as many as 10,000 people were left homeless. There has been renewed interest in this bloody chapter in America’s history because President Trump is set to hold a campaign rally in Tulsa tomorrow. The rally was originally scheduled to take place today, on Juneteenth, but the date was changed after a national outcry. Washington Post reporter DeNeen L. Brown joins Tom to discuss the significance of Juneteenth, and the sacred space that the Tulsa massacre holds in our history, and its significance for race relations in the current moment. You can read DeNeen L. Brown's moving essay, "Black people are tired of trying to explain racism," here.
Juneteenth And Tulsa: Reflections On America's Bloody Past Amid Current Racial Tensions
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