(Originally aired on May 21, 2019)In this archive edition of Midday, Tom speaks with James Cabezas, the former chief investigator for the Office of the State Prosecutor here in Maryland and, before that, a Baltimore City cop. His new memoir is called Eyes of Justice: A Career Crime Fighter Battles Corruption… and Blindness.Joining Tom and James in the studio is Joan Jacobson, the co-author of the book. She was a reporter for The Baltimore Sun and The Evening Sun for 28 years. They talked about the book on May 21st at the Maryland State Library for the Blind in Baltimore, on Park Avenue, directly behind the Enoch Pratt Central Library. James Cabezas and Joan Jacobson will be speaking again about Eyes of Justice on Monday, July 15th, from 6-7pm in the Meeting Room at the Hamilton Branch Library, located at 5910 Harford Road, Baltimore 21214. For more information about the event, click here.
Jim Cabezas, with Joan Jacobson, on ----Eyes of Justice----
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