One of the most disturbing but necessary measures of Baltimore's status -- as a place to live and work -- is its annual homicide count, which this year is on track to nearly match 2019’s record 348 killings. Most of the homicide victims in Baltimore are young Black men, and most are shot to death. The city’s persistently high body count reflects one obvious fact of crime in Baltimore: the seemingly limitless supply of illegal guns... Later this hour on Midday, Tom will talk with James "JT" Timpson, the director of Community Partnerships and Safety for Roca Baltimore, a community-centered anti-violence group. Timpson previously worked as an outreach coordinator for Safe Streets, the city's street-violence interruption program. But our first guest is Ron Cassie, a senior editor at Baltimore Magazine. His article in the December issue is entitled “Iron Pipeline,” and examines the underground network of gun traffickers from out-of-state whose deadly merchandise fuels the seemingly intractable level of violence on the streets of Baltimore. Ron Cassie and JT Timpson join us on Zoom…How The "Iron Pipeline" Fuels Baltimore's Gun Violence
How The "Iron Pipeline" Fuels Baltimore's Gun Violence
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