The Summer Solstice is next Friday, and joining Tom today to help us put our summer reading list together is Heidi Daniel, the President and CEO of Baltimore's Enoch Pratt Free Library.She also updates us on the many goings-on at our city’s wonderful library. Those include the Pratt's new ----Wash and Learn Initiative---- that's bringing internet access to laundromats around the city; the annual Summer Challenge; the June 29 PrattCon at the SE Anchor Library, the library's version of Comic-Con that will celebrate graphic novels and comic book culture; and the nearly complete renovation of the Central Library.Also today, Heidi Daniel shares her 2019 summer reading recommendations, which you can check out below...This program is being livestreamed on WYPR's Facebook page, and you can watch the video here.
Heidi Daniel, Pratt Library CEO, on ----Wash & Learn,---- Renovation, and Summer Reading Tips
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