Many have suggested that this election year is, once again, the year of the woman. As primaries continue in this mid-term cycle, there are nearly 80 women who have already secured a spot on November ballots for Congress and Governorships across the country.Today, Tom's guest is Amy Chozick, a reporter for the New York Times who covered Hillary Clinton, the most famous woman in American politics, in her two attempts to win the White House. Her new book is called ----Chasing Hillary: Ten Years, Two Presidential Campaigns and One Intact Glass Ceiling. ----There is no shortage of theories to explain why Secretary Clinton was not able to break the glass ceiling of the Presidency, even when pitted against a candidate who was as divisive and abhorrent to as many people as Donald Trump was, and continues to be. But how does Clinton's loss in 2016 -- and her loss to her Democratic rival, Barack Obama in 2012 -- inform the current crop of women who are storming the barricades in this cycle? Given Clinton’s unique place in American politics, in what ways might she present a model for that woman who eventually does break the proverbial glass ceiling of the Oval Office?Amy Chozick joins Tom for the hour.
----Chasing Hillary:---- Amy Chozick's Memoir of a Decade Covering Clinton
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